Gazelle Spec Introduction

Framework Spec pages describe how Gazelle works in detail and addresses its main components' specifications. This is mainly for the developers who would like to contribute to Gazelle's open-source development.

Specific motivation is to provide inforamtion with

  • Developers who can contribute to integration of new blockchains as a main chain.
  • Developers who can contribute to Gazelle's client development and new platform support such as Android and iOS.
  • Developers who can contribute to development of predicate DSL and Gazelle smart contracts.

Gazelle in a nutshell


Features of Gazelle

  • L1 agnostic design

Using Gazelle, you can build application on top of a variety of blockchain. Gazelle currently supports Ethereum and Tezos.

  • Composability of multiple off-chain solutions

If you are an application developer, you probably understand that the composability of applications plays a huge role in the development. As above section about OGS explained, Gazelle made it possible to build scalable blockchain applications using multiple off-chain scaling solutions, such as Plasma, State channels, and Optimistic Rollup, employing OGS. This feature makes your blockchain application more general and flexibility.