Gazelle alpha release

We introduce Gazelle alpha releasešŸ¦Œ

What is Gazelle?

Gazelle is a blockchain application framework for real-world use cases. It provides scalability and usability by utilizing off-chain scaling technology. As our first step, this alpha release includes Plasma SDK that provides simple APIs for Plasma applications. APIs include deposit, transfer and exit. You can start from trying out the tutorial.

The goal of Gazelle

The ultimate goal of Gazelle is to provide a way to build highly scalable and usable blockchain applications by utilizing off-chain scaling technology.

For scalability, we use off-chain scaling technology such as Plasma because it's fast and secure. For usability, we enabled developers to combine multiple L2 constructions so that they can make use of different types of strengths from each construction. For instance, if you combine Plasma and state channel, you can achieve instant finality capability on a channel allowing arbitrary participants. This wouldn't have been possible only with Plasma or state channel. Combination of different constructions is possible thanks to Optimistic Game Semantics (OGS) as the foundation of fraud-proof verification protocol. You can find detailed discussion about OGS here.

Ethereum Ecosystem Support Program

We are immensely grateful for all of the support from Ecosystem Support Program of Ethereum Foundation .

Next Step

We are planning to release following milestones next quarter in 2020.

  • Testnet (contracts deployed on testnet and aggregator on cloud)
  • Advanced features: custom transactions e.g. atomic swap, instant finality


We are looking for a collaboration to build impressive plasma applications. Feel free to contact us!

Thank you very much for reading. This release is only a small part of Gazelle framework. Stay tuned for next update!